1. My Review (That People Hate) of a CD That Explains Why I’ll Never Take Lars Ulrich’s Music Advice Again

    2 Stars, Lars, I will never trust your judgment again.

    Best of Diamond Head Price: $13.29

    I first heard about Diamond Head from Lars Ulrich from Metallica at the big 4 concert.
    Something something about how these guys shaped his life and stuff like that.

    The song Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica members all played together at the end of their epic concert was off this CD by this band and I really wanted to like it / them because Metallica, until “Reload”, were awesomeness personified and are still stunning performers (because they abstain generally from playing post “Reload” tracks because they know we pretty much hate all that).

    But I didn’t like this CD at all. None of it. Because it was just not good.

    I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because maybe they’re like Piet Mondrian or something and geniuses for inventing a format is deceptively simple but was never there before in that format and that I just don’t understand because I didn’t go to Berklee or something.

    In their case the the “inventing something really simple but was never there before in that format” would be that they were the forefathers of “not great fairly dull averagely performed music” or something, but I guess someone had to invent that too so we’d have music for people to listen to when they get their cavities filled or ride elevators with people who look like they might smell badly or something.

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