1. 5 Stars unless you have a devil spider cat, 2 stars if you do: My Review of A soft pet carrier

    5 Stars unless you have a devil spider cat, 2 stars if you do

    Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat & Carrier for cats and dogs up to 20-pounds, Aqua Price: $36.00

    Let me start by saying that the carrier is great under most circumstances.

    Well made, very affordable, comfortable, easy to clean (the mat inside is soft, can be taken out to clean, great idea), well thought out. It opens from the top as well as from the front, and folds up to almost nothing for great storage.

    There’s even Velcro on the front so the front flap can be rolled up and left open to make a little den.
    Honestly a great product for the most part.

    I bought two of these carriers to take my two cats out to the desert (a 5 hour drive in traffic at worst) because they were well rated, very affordable and strapped into car seats safely.

    Everything was perfect up until the point the car started to move.
    ***I ask that “Dog People” don’t read the rest of the review because I don’t want you to judge cats.
    Cats are not dogs, and some cats hate the car with a passion and fury that makes M.M.A. look like preschoolers finger-painting. I believe it is residual vacuum trauma so I try to be supportive rather than all judgmental like you dog people are.

    So my two cats are cats with claws who don’t scratch people or furniture(!), cats that have never bitten a person, cats that are lap cats that purr at food, sleep in little fluffy balls and toss mousies around cutely for praise. In other words, they are sweet dreamy low maintenance kitties.

    So I didn’t know or realize that there was a chance Jitters would go psycho devil kitty once the car started moving.

    See, I had set up the carriers as kitty caves for months before the trip. Jitters and Justus would sleep in the carriers and on the day of the trip when I called, Jitters even got in the carrier on his own.

    The minute the car started moving Jitters decided to let us know just how very unacceptable the situation was.

    Aside from yelling in voices I’ve never heard him make every 10 seconds, he also thrashed viciously around the carrier and fervently tried to dig his way out. He managed to remove the bottom lining and generally act like a caught marlin and try to push his head violently through the top screen. At this time, however, there was not permanent damage to the carrier. Jitters did manage to rub all the fur off the tip of his little kitty nose on the top screen of the container which then peeled pitifully the entire trip (his nose, not the well made container) making me feel great waves of guilt which led to me feeding him more kitty treats than his less-than-svelte kitty physique needed.

    Justus on the other hand went catatonic from the trauma of the ride and slept comfortably and safely in his (belted in) carrier.

    On the ride back, however, Jitters learned the concept of “Traction”. “Friction”? I don’t know.
    Sadly, physics isn’t one of my stronger suits.

    Anyhow, Jitters somehow ended up upside down in the cage as if he were reenacting one of the “Mission Impossible” movies I could actually comfortably watch before becoming absolutely creeped out by Tom Cruise’s public behavior.

    So aside from the vicious yelling, Jitters figured out that if he grabbed the front screen with his claws that he could actually then grab onto the screen with his teeth and rip holes into it. He also learned that it was progressive and that the larger he made the hole the easier it was to rip it even larger and larger.

    Now you may be thinking “Oh! Lucky you! Your kitty is smart and learns things!” but it wasn’t all fun and happy learning milestones I tell you.

    Since he was actually on his way to tearing a hole in the front screen big enough to force his psycho kitty body out of, we actually had to pull over, arrange the car so I could sit next to his carrier and then hold him down from the top for the next 2 hours home. (The top zip feature of the carrier came in handy here)

    Long story longer, this is a great item for animals who don’t fight like whirling dervishes to get out, but not great for those who do. To be fair, I don’t know if there’s a soft case that’s better, it may just be an issue of needing a hard case for the nutcases.

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